marionMarion Cardwell-Ferrer is the sole proprietor and Executive Chef of Sincredible Pastries. Marion specializes in high-end, boutique-style cakes and pastries. She and she alone will bake and create your cake from conception to completion. Marion will make sure that any cake for your event will be Sinfully, Incredibly Edible!

Articles about Marion and her cakes have appeared in Bride's magazine, the Ithaca Journal and Bride's Reception's magazine. She has been a participant in New York City’s “Cakewalk.” The New York City “Cakewalk” features fifty of the most famous cake designers from around the world, and is considered one of the premier wedding cake shows in the country.

Marion's pastry career started after earning her degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. She has over twenty years of baking experience as Executive Pastry Chef at several fine restaurants including The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. and Santchi's Fine Dining in Seattle, WA. Marion was also Executive Pastry Chef on two ships for the exclusive American-Hawaii Cruise lines. She has also been invited to assist in the menu choices for the grand opening of several high-end West Coast restaurants and hotels.

Marion has formulated the most decadent, light and delicious, scratch-baked recipes for her cakes, fillings, and frostings. She has been revered for her incredible cake decorating techniques. Marion is more than a pastry chef – she is a Pastry Artist! She has baked themed cakes to serve as many as fifteen hundred people for a single event.



Are you special enough to have a Sincredible Pastry cake? Of course you are! You can be assured that Marion Cardwell-Ferrer, Executive Chef at Sincredible Pastries, will make sure that your cake will be the “extra special magic”.....for your magical day! She will make sure that any cake for your event will be Sinfully, Incredibly Edible!

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