Wedding cakes today are one of the most spectacular parts of a wedding day! The artistry of the facade of the cake should be equally as impressive as what lies within! As both an artist and baker, nothing delights me more than the opportunity to measure, mix, bake, sculpt, and paint my way to delirium on your behalf!

The following is a compilation of many years of creating what I think are the most delicious cakes, fillings and frostings to compliment your work of art. The first part of the list is all of the flavors I offer. From this list you can “build-a-cake” with your own personal touches! The second list are combinations of all cakes and flavors already made complete. I tried to take the worry out for you! In all my years of baking,( and consuming!) these are combinations that make eyes roll back in their heads and toes curl!

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  • Madagascar vanilla bean buttercake
  • Dark chocolate Devil’s food
  • Flourless chocolate Nirvana
  • White chocolate buttercake
  • Tangerine, orange or lemon cake ( with or without poppy seeds)
  • Carrotcake
  • Coconut ( and coconut rum) cake
  • Toasted almond cake
  • Almond or hazelnut dacquois ( meringue)
  • Chewy coconut macaroon
  • Chai spice cake
  • Cheesecake (ask about flavors!)


  • Madagascar vanilla bean, Cream cheese buttercream
  • Mocha buttercream
  • Caramel dulce de leche buttercream
  • Chai buttercream
  • Citrus buttercreams ( lemon curd, lime curd, orange,tangerine,or grapefruit)
  • Hazelnut nutella buttercream ( gianduja)
  • Toasted almond ,hazelnut or walnut buttercream
  • Toasted coconut buttercream
  • Espresso buttercream
  • Chocolate malt buttercream
  • Maple buttercream
  • Honey-bee-good buttercream(honey)
  • Berry buttercreams(raspberry,black raspberry, strawberry)
  • Chocolate truffle ganache(may be infused)
  • White chocolate ganache


  • Chocolate
  • Tahitian vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Espresso
  • Strawberry, raspberry, black raspberry
  • Triple citrus
  • Passion fruit or guava
  • Chai
  • White chocolate
  • Tiramisu

Preserves, Jams
and Conserves

  • Apricot
  • Strawberry (with champagne)
  • Black raspberry
  • Raspberry
  • Triple berry
  • Orange marmalade
  • Peach (with champagne)


  • Lemon or lime curd
  • Pumpkin butter
  • Pear and crystallized ginger butter
  • Triple berry butter
  • Apple spice butter

White chocolate cheesecake and fresh berry deluxe
Three layers of yellow cake and one layer of rich Madagascar vanilla bean cheesecake layered with white chocolate mousse, strawberry champagne preserves, and fresh strawberries and raspberries. Finished in silken white chocolate buttercream.

The orange creamsicle

three layers of feather light white cake and one layer of orange creamsicle cheesecake, with a Grand Marnier splash, sandwiched between tangerine mousse, and orange marmalade, frosted in orange zest or Grand Marnier buttercream.

Maui delight
Three layers of coconut cake, and one layer of chewy coconut macadamia macaroon, spread with a floral and sublime passionfruit curd, or guava curd, frosted in toasted coconut buttercream.

Southern charm

four layers of yellow buttercake delicately brushed with peach liquer splash, layered with peach champagne preserves,Tahitian vanilla bean bavarian mousse,and fresh ripe peaches. Finished in Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream.

Black raspberry lemon Lust
Four layers of lemon zest buttercake, blanketed with alternating layers of lemon curd, fresh black raspberries or blackberries, blackberry jam and vanilla Bavarian mousse. Finished in a Limoncello lemon zest buttercream.

Chocolate is my friend

One layer of flourless chocolate cake, and three layers of Dark Devil’s food cake, mingled with white chocolate mousse and hot chocolate buttercream.. Frosted with Madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Hazelnut and chocolate
Two layers of hazelnut Genoise and two layers of yellow buttercake, brushed with hazelnut Frangelico splash, and layered with Nutella buttercream, hazelnut praline buttercream, and white chocolate mousse. Finished in toasted hazelnut buttercream, or hot chocolate buttercream.

Monkey business
Four layers of moist banana cake sandwiched between caramel dulce de leche mousse, Tahitian vanilla mousse and fresh sliced bananas, finished in vanilla bean buttercream.

The Ginger Rodgers
four layers of yellow cake filled with apricot preserves, crystallized ginger buttercream and Vanilla Bavarian mousse, finished in Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream.

Regal almond cake
Three layers of almond buttercake and one layer of almond macaroon cake layered with toasted almond buttercream, and rich vanilla custard, finished in Amaretto buttercream.

Two layers of vanilla buttercake and two layers of vanilla cinnamon cake layered with Chai Mousse ( cinnamon, cardamom,vanilla,honey and green tea infusion) and caramel , finished in honey chai buttercream.