How much does a wedding cake cost?

Wedding cakes can really run the gamut. A grocery store chain may charge as little as $1.50 per person per slice. But remember: these cakes are typically made from a cake mix and contain shortening and confectioner’s sugar frosting. The filling is usually an artificial fruit gel filling or more of the same cloyingly sweet frosting. The decorations are typically frosting flowers piped out of a bag…with the same frosting I previously mentioned. Medium priced cakes from bakeshops may be made using a combination of cake mixes, pre-made fillings, and some scratch made frosting or fillings. The decorations may be a bit nicer, but the quality in flavor and the overall appearance may seem a bit cookie cutter. Bakery’s are typically very busy making many items. The attention and service may not be what you are expecting because of this. Boutique style cakes which is what Sincredible Pastries creates, are made completely from scratch including the cake, fillings and frostings.The flavor is incomparable with any other method…remember grandma’s baking?

Gumpaste flowers, sculptures, and fresco paintings are all made by hand, and take several hours to many days to complete. A bride typically spends between $7-11.00 per slice for one of my wedding cakes. However, they may be more or less depending on the design and cake flavor choices. No two cakes are alike. Your cake is completely customized from the conception of design to the finished product. A high quality wedding cake is made with great care , the best ingredients and utmost expertise. These cakes are a work of art, and a delight to consume! Therefore, we require a consultation to discuss in detail, every aspect of your cake from flavors to design, before we can give a firm estimate.

Are there any hidden costs?

Costs related to the cake are typically a delivery fee which covers the cost of gasoline, travel time and set up of the cake. ($35.00 within 15 miles of Ithaca) all other deliveries need to be calculated hourly at $45 portal to portal. A deposit of $50.00 is required for the return of the cake board which the cake will be displayed on. The deposit is returned when the cake board is returned.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, Sincredible Pastries will accept orders with a minimum of $500.

What is: Gumpaste?

Rolled fondant, Italian meringue, dacquoise, genoise, ganache, conserve etc?. See below for glossary of terms to explain what each of these things are!

When do you deliver the cake?

Typically the cake is delivered one hour before your guests arrive at the reception. If the venue is air conditioned, it may be delivered sooner. If there is no air conditioning and it’s a summer wedding, I suggest delivering the cake closer to the time of consumption both from a longevity standpoint, and from a perishability standpoint.

How do you calculate the number of serving for a wedding cake?

There are standard charts to calculate the number of servings for each cake dimension.View the serving chart guide. This will help you to estimate how many tiers you will have for your cake.


Rolled fondant- Amixture of confectionary sugar, glucose, gelatin, flavoring, and emulsifiers. It is a sweet rollable icing. Typically, this is a covering for an already frosted cake. It is highly flexible design element with many applications such as painting, adhering embellishments, texturizing, modeling or sculpting. The possibilities are endless! An added benefit of fondant is that it acts as an insulation from heat and humidity. An excellent choice for events in hot weather.

Buttercake- The most popular of American cakes and a good choice for wedding and special occasion cakes due to it’s high butterfat content and soft crumb. This cake is mellow , moist and buttery. These cakes slice nicely, are sturdier than some other choices of cakes, and provide a higher serving yield due to their richness. They can be flavored in multitudes of ways, including leon or other citrus, nuts, mocha, chocolate etc…

Curd- Lemon or lime curd is a fancy way of saying “ custard” or “ filling”. It is made with fresh citrus juice ,sugar, butter and egg yolks. It is tangy, thick, shiny and delicious slathered between cake layers alone or with fresh fruit. It’s a nice choice for a summer event.

Ganache- pronounced- Ghan-nash: a luxuriously fudge-like frosting made by scalding heavy cream and butter and combining it with semisweet or bittersweet chocolate. Flavoring such as vanilla or liquer may be added to enhance it’s flavor.

Genoise- pronounced- Jen- whas- The Genoise is a versatile French butter sponge cake. This cake is leavened entirely by eggs. It’s also called ‘ warm method sponge” because the eggs and sugar are warmed before whipping. This cake has a close cell structure and tends to be a drier cake. It is generally brushed with a simple syrup which adds moisture and flavor to the cake.

Gumpaste- or “ sugar paste”- is made with confectioner’s sugar, gum Arabic, gelatin, a small amount of emulsifier,and glucose. It forms a very pliable dough. This is used to create flowers and decorations for the cake. It can be tinted and painted for better effects. It is edible, but I don’t recommend eating it as it is truly for decorative purposes only.

Infusions- infusions are made by adding various flavorings to simple syrup or cake batters to add a deeper depth of flavor. Things like cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, chili peppers, lavender flowers,or citrus peel are nice compliments to many desserts and cakes.