Wedding cakes have become THE highlight and quintessential centerpiece of any wedding. So it's with great pleasure that I offer you fantastically tasting, and amazingly festooned cakes for your own wedding.

The creativity for a wedding cake can be classic simple and beautiful, or whimsical, stately, and over-the-top ! Designing a wedding cake should be one of the things in your wedding planning that is both pleasurable, and delicious!

Delve into these pages to see what you are capable of helping me to design for you! The choices are endless! I look forward to helping you!

Creating your perfect wedding cake should be fun!

Many times clients don’t’ know what to expect during their consultation, and then beyond.

For our first meeting I suggest that my clients arrive with a few ideas about what their likes are. What colors do you love? What flavors do you enjoy? What kind of style best represents you as acouple? Many times I ask my clients to bring in anything that inspires them. Of course it could be photographs of cakes you like, but I like to push you outside the box just a little, because this is where the real fun comes into play. You may find inspiration in stationary, textiles, fabric swatches, jewelry design, paintings or drawings. You will be delightfully surprised at what we can create with just such inspiration!

Venue, floral choices, and general feel of your wedding will help with the design as well. Next we will devour up to four different flavors of scratch baked, delicious cakes!

As you eat, I will start to draw and take notes about what we have discussed. Many times I will sketch several different cakes until we arrive at your ideal design. Sometimes the design is not realized for some time, but we will remain in constant contact until we achieve our goal… a tasteful, unique and elegant masterpiece that looks as divine as it tastes!